LPG Specialist

LPG specialist

It is in virtually every car possible to a gas plant installed. Ask us about the possibilities for your car.
When you have recorded a message via contact us, will be responded to within a day by telephone all the possibilities for your car. In consultation, we wonder how the installation is built. Then you get to hear what the installation rate is and when the installation could possibly take place.

Fault diagnoses

You have a failure in your lpg installation then you can come to us for a fault diagnosis. It is possible to for almost every make and type lpg system the failure. We take after a diagnosis by phone contact you in order to discuss this with you. Then to you suggested the possibilities to solve your problem. A cost budget in advance will be made for further research, the possible repair or any other costs.

To own your car equipped with a LPG installation are complete packages for all models on request available with us. Spare parts are also available.

RDW recognized company

Each autogas installation includes taking care of inspection and message when the RDW. You get after building and signing up the new badge will be sent automatically.

After finishing the installation the system with your views and operation discussed. A built-in LPG installation is delivered with 3 years warranty on parts and carefree function. We look forward to seeing you after 20,000 km or once a year comes back for a check to test the functioning and maintenance.


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hoi Vincent en Martin, bedankt voor het vakkundige onderhoud aan onze gastank en de gezelligheid. We zijn heel blij met jullie. Cartricum 12/2/23
Vakman pur sang! Luistert goed naar de klant en voert de wensen beter uit dan de klant zou willen. Jordan Haakman
Nette garage, beleefde eigenaar en niet te duur. Vonne Bleeker
Ik heb bij Vintech in mijn Darcia Sandero tce 90 een BRC installatie laten inbouwen. De montage en de afwerking is van hoge kwaliteit en onderstreept de vakkennis van Vincent van Vintech. Dit bedrijf is een aanrader voor ieder die een lpg installatie wil laten inbouwen. Cees Out
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