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Welcome to Vintech Cars n Bikes, ' import and export specialist for Harley-Davidson and USA cars. Do you have in America or on a website the Harley of your dreams? Or are you long been looking for those rare JEEP, mussle car or Chevrolet in cabrio implementation? We can the entire process-from door to door-for you.

Vintech Cars n Bikes ' has in recent years expanded his business. We regularly import Harley Davidson Motors of the United States of America. This we offer at very attractive prices. Everything is done in-house. The purchase, the technical control, transport, inspection at the RDW and the necessary delivery maintenance. Because of this we are and you are assured of quality cars and engines.

Or, do you have an "American Dream" about a special brand or type of car that is virtually only for sale in United States of America?, then we can both purchase, transport and import it for you. Some very enthusiastic owners are you already gone before.

Do you want a motor export from Netherlands to another European country, we can organize for you also. No hassle, just door to door settled.

Maybe, we've already found your perfect bike... Hit the road in no time!

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USA import

By the developments and growth over the past few years we have for the last two years also specialised in importing affordable Harley Davidson motorcycles. Our focus lies mainly in the age years of 2001 to 2006. We assess on the spot and import directly from America. Maintenance of engines is also part of our work. All engines are equipped with a RDW registration and on various service points and damage past checked.

By the developments and growth of the past few years we have also focused on us since a year selling used Harley Davidsons, hereinafter referred to as the option used to places. We import directly from America. Maintenance of engines is also part of our work.


With us it is possible to export to other countries in Europe. Does your a nice range seen with us then we can take care of that car or motorcycle to your chosen country export. Also door to door service. In short, an organization with a lot of variation, knowledge and experience. Call us or walk once inside. You are welcome. The coffee or refreshment is waiting for you!



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hoi Vincent en Martin, bedankt voor het vakkundige onderhoud aan onze gastank en de gezelligheid. We zijn heel blij met jullie. Cartricum 12/2/23
Vakman pur sang! Luistert goed naar de klant en voert de wensen beter uit dan de klant zou willen. Jordan Haakman
Nette garage, beleefde eigenaar en niet te duur. Vonne Bleeker
Ik heb bij Vintech in mijn Darcia Sandero tce 90 een BRC installatie laten inbouwen. De montage en de afwerking is van hoge kwaliteit en onderstreept de vakkennis van Vincent van Vintech. Dit bedrijf is een aanrader voor ieder die een lpg installatie wil laten inbouwen. Cees Out
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